The Best Bodybuilding Apparel

The Best Bodybuilding Apparel

Casual clothing, dress clothing, and fitness clothing are completely different things as we all know. With fitness apparel, specifically bodybuilding apparel, you want the material to be soft, breathable, and not make you feel uncomfortable wearing it for a few hours at the gym or out for a run. Sweat pants that are made for wearing around the house, might not be your best option when lifting weights. Same goes for shorts, you won’t want to wear cargo shorts (or cargo pants for that matter) at the gym.

The Right Clothing for Lifting.

Jeans are traditionally a no-no when it comes to gym clothes. They aren’t flexible enough to really provide a comfortable experience. You need stretch capability and either a polyester or ring spun soft cotton material. In the summer, breathable, light-weight material for shorts is recommended. Same goes for pants, you’ll want something more form fitting to avoid getting snagged while doing squats or deadlifts. Loose fitting, baggy clothing doesn’t really have a place when working out with weights.

The Right Gear for the Job.

Bodybuilding apparel such as shirts and tank tops are the most popular in the fitness and weight loss community today. Memes or slogans across the front have become a main stay for most gym-related gear. Bodybuilding motivation is found heavily on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms and has made its way onto clothing that’s worn in the gym. So whether its supplements to destroy fat or relieve pain, we’ve got you covered.

Look Like a Badass.

Workout clothes haven’t changed significantly over the years in terms of comfort, more so the coloring and styles have changed. Brands like Gymshark and Nike have dominated the fitness clothing arena for years. Gym wear that comes from these big name brands is typically purchased at a premium cost. Other, lesser-known brands, can have the same exact design and material for half the cost. This is why you see many department stores carrying off brand or “knock off” brands in their stores at a fraction of the cost of the big name brand gym wear.

We Don’t Forget the Ladies.

For women’s activewear, you’ve got choices such as Lululemon, Nike, Gymshark, Astoria activewear, Columbia sportswear, and yoga pants in general have become extremely popular. There is a huge market for workout clothes for women. Especially with the more recent workout at home movement, being comfortable all day on the couch and working out is important for a lot of individuals. Whether you’re searching for “cute workout clothes” or “sexy workout clothes” women are able to find what they are looking for online.

Affordable Yet Quality.

There are many cheap, affordable, and inexpensive workout clothes options. Many also include plus size as well. Buying a more economical brand name can save you a ton of money while also being a great product. The big workout clothes brand names like Gym Shark, Nike, and Adidas carry large price tags. You can save money on both men’s workout clothes as well as women’s fitness clothing just by going with a less-known brand, while getting the same quality in many cases.

Hardcore Bodybuilding Apparel.

When it comes to bodybuilding and more hardcore lifting apparel/workout clothes, the options are a bit more limited. Most of these brands are found on Instagram and Facebook often with influencers or sponsored athletes repping their brands. Typical clothes that fall under “bodybuilding apparel” are stringers, men’s tapered sweat / yoga pants, flat deadlift and squat shoes, and muscle tees, or a muscle shirt. Muscle War is that hardcore lifting clothing brand that represents the daily hard work that goes into growing muscle.

Clothing for Lifters.

Body building encompasses that whole alpha clothing vibe with hardcore slogans where heavy lifting is the name of the game. Workout clothes brands such as Ryderwear and Gym shark offer some clothing that fits this demographic, but not exclusively. The more underground brands you see don’t cover such a broad spectrum of customers, but rather a niche demographic within the workout community.

Something for Everyone.

Gym clothes/workout clothes for men are more of our specialty but we also carry gym clothes for women. With cheap gym clothes options, we are able to offer our custom designs for a fraction of the cost of the large name brands. Our message is more tailored towards the gym-goer that is grinding daily to achieve their goals, not the fake workout crowd that you see on social media. If you wear Muscle War gear, best be known that you’re working hard every day to fulfill your dreams of being fit.

Unique Designs to Fit Your Unique Style.

The origin of our design was the skull crown with the barbells in the back. It has been modified over the years to incorporate a flame skull head design. Muscle War is really a lifetime journey brand that represents the individual fighting the battle, so we wanted a really aggressive and mean design that encompasses the brand image. Each day is considered a battle, and your entire journey is the war. Our slogan is Win YOUR War because we encourage not only meeting your fitness goals but exceeding them over your entire fitness journey. So whether your goals are weight loss, muscle mass, or just to get a little lean, there’s something for you in the Muscle War community.

Wear What You Want.

Sportswear/workout clothes are popular not only among the physically fit but also the vast majority of the population. Many people prefer sportswear or fitness clothing because it is very comfortable, breathable, and flexible. Tight yoga pants are a favorite for women. And also I think it goes without saying that girls in yoga pants are quite popular among men as well! Sportswear transcends sex and age with our entire catalog featuring clothing and apparel for men, women, and children alike.

Motivation & Clothing.

Tank top and t-shirt designs are our specialty. We’ve got various gym shirts and gym apparel to meet most any modern day gym goer or hardcore lifter. Body building is really our primary focus but since 2018 our brand has been recognized as a great motivator for the beginner crowd as well too. With our Facebook page featuring motivational quotes, as well as our Facebook group focused on positivity and helping others that are new to the lifting game.

Your Gym Source.

We consider Muscle War to be a premier athletic wear and fitness clothes source source for the modern day lifter. We can also custom design any item of clothing that you would like to see, all we need is a high resolution image file to make it happen. Our brand is all about YOU, so we ensure you have what you need when it comes to being a gym source for apparel.

Muscle War workout clothes is an American fitness brand, born and raised in the beautiful United States of America. Make sure to check out our full line of athletic clothing in our shop! From leggings, to tank tops, to cool gym tees, our brand encompasses YOUR hard work and dedication to the sport of lifting weights.

Time to Accessorize.

Not only do we offer fitness apparel/workout clothes, like t-shirts, tanks, and pants but we also offer accessories. Water bottles, hats, winter hats/beanies, sneakers, gym towels, gym bags, phone cases, wrist wraps, mouse pads, socks, and stickers. So you can get completely decked out in Muscle War gear from head to toe! In addition to accessories, we offer matching kids clothes. So if your children want to don matching clothing to you, you can buy matching shirts! We’ve got boys t-shirts and girls tank tops.